Who We Are

Experience, competence, availability, service.

From over 30 years.

MegawattPro will be the solution to your problems with the equipments of the world of the entertainment.

We works. A lot. And love our job.

Electronic competence

Your amplifier is suddenly dead?

We are able to repair your products without changing expensive circuit board. Our experience permit us to really repair your products searching defective components, and changing just these!

Top Quality Equipment

We have the best equipment to restore your products in as new condition

Spare Parts Warehouse

We have thousand of original spares stoked. Typically when begin a reparation we can finish the same day

Best quality spares

We sell only original spare parts

If your speaker mount a specific woofer you cannot change it with other. We don’t sell plugs for holes. You have spent lot of money for your sound system. When repair a speaker, it have to sound as you love.

Discover our products


Woofers reconed.


Electronics repaired.


Satisfied customers.

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